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Veterinary Microdoses

Many of us have a pet at home and many of us have farm animals, whether for commercial use or consumption . No statistics exist if Mexico regarding this, but the proportion of pet per capita should be quite high, from the friendly dogs, tapped cats, nervous or frightened birds, fish until there who was quite eccentric and encouraged by a spider or a snake. In the case of farm animals, ranging from small to large zebu rabbits.

There have been several studies of the applications in Veterinary Microdose; at least those that have been published, all successfully. And it is very important to understand and remember that Microdose not cause secondary effects unless allergic to the substance containing the Microdose, making it easy to experiment with them. The "bad" is that my grandfather was devoted to investigate human Microdose leaving pets in the background.

For pets (animals and household own company) them we can say that our experiences have been very positive. The experiences we've had at home have been the treatment for stomach and intestinal infection accompanied by diarrhea, skin surface wounds, arthritis, etc. All results have been positive.

For example, in the case of skin wounds, simply apply on the wound clean local blood dye dragon (Jatropa dioca); scarring occurs on a day to prevent infection in the affected part.

In the case of intestinal and stomach infection, apply the "shotgun" (mugwort, epazote and two chemical antibiotics) giving immediate result; diarrhea stopped and the dog stopped being sad and eat within 4 hours.

For gastritis, prepared based on a patent medicine (veterinary) for relief gastritis and visualized in the same day.

For aggressive dogs, plus the discipline that every home should have with your pet, passionflower (Passiflora spp.), valerian, tourmaline and good effects in dog behavior was used.

Accompanied with this, we have the stories of several coworkers in Microdose that have their own veterinary practice and we have indicated that Microdose results have been very effective.

As in humans, the Microdose can not delete surgery when their performance is essential, but if you can avoid those that are not yet required a timely treatment.

From my perspective, I think the Microdose in animals have faster results than in humans, the results have been presented practically the same day the treatment and most surprising starts, is that it occurs without any suggestion that sometimes presents in humans.

We turn now to the case of farm animals; something that is very common for breeders is performed induce estrus in swine, Microdose ovarian-matrix and a drug patent is used. The procedure allows induce estrus presentation without causing undesirable side effects.

The same case with bateriales, viral or parasitic infections can use the "shotgun" and in very heavy infections, add garlic, aloe, epazote skunk, chili, chili powder and thyme.

As in medical schools (for humans) reputable, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UNAM use Microdose Chair in Veterinary within the optional subjects of the curriculum is taught.

Any experience you have had in using Microdose Veterinary, please ask us share their experiences to enrich the information in this forum.

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