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Microdose introduction

Hello, good morning

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are the Martinez family, direct descendants of Dr. Eugenio Martínez Bravo, creator of Microdose.

The purpose of this blog is to inform about health and economic benefits generated by the use of Microdose instead of patent medicines, teas or any drug used commonly.

The ideals of my grandfather (Dr. Eugenio Martínez Bravo) were very caring; sought to widely disseminate the findings he made for the welfare of all people.

We have tinctures, extracts and Microdose already prepared, we provide training courses Microdose, we have an online course, etc. You will not find lower as we seek to encourage the use of Microdose prices.

The material in this blogg is free dissemination, please indicate the source; We ask you not profiting from it; as mentioned, we are trying to inform people about the best alternative to relieve various ailments.

Unfortunately, in Mexico barely begin to create encyclopedias about the medicinal properties of plants, both native and imported and adapted successfully in the country. This type of encyclopedias exist, we would have greater scope to meet all the medicinal properties of plants.

As an introduction in very general terms, we can say that the Microdose is a way to relieve suffering, both humans and animals through a minimal amount of concentrate (tincture (from plant) extract (from animal organs) or bases (from chemicals, including patent medicines)) mixed in a hydroalcoholic vehicle. Briefly, to prepare Microdose just need alcohol (which indicate below), water and plants, animal organs or chemicals.

For example, suppose a dose for an adult to relieve a condition is two pills daily; therefore, need 60 pills for treatment of a month. In Microdose, these two pills allow us to provide treatment about six or nine years, with one day dose, we prepare medicine for several years ............. with economic benefits involved, side effects are avoided, can be supplied simultaneously to the current treatment, but above all, relief is usually faster.

In short, we are trying to write daily here to start receiving any concerns or suggestions through this medium.

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