martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Microdose cost

As we mentioned, to prepare Microdose, we need a concentrate (tincture, extract or base) and hydroalcoholic vehicle.

The most expensive gasoline will or transportation, depending on where you need to go to get everything; then will get the plant and animal organs.

If we have no knowledge of plants, it is best to study a little before going to look for; this will allow us not to give us for a ride and also to know the best season for collection and which is the best place for cultivation which is where will develop better and therefore older properties will. If you live in the city, you have to move you into the republic, remember that they are best fresh plants with all its components (root, fruit, flower, leaves, stems); not recommend buying them dry because they lose properties (different essences evaporate) and because it is harder to identify.

In the case of bodies, is a bit more complicated because you have to have a trusted veterinarian to ensure that the animal is young and healthy, and to further identify the organs that need. It is highly recommended to find an "organic" animal, ie, it has been adequately powered (no hormones, crop residues, or transgenic) and that his body has eliminated any medical treatment (infections, vaccines, etc.).

As for alcohol, it's pretty cheap, and the water must be chlorine, should preferably be purified (bottled from a recognized brand). For cheap understood that with a liter of vehicle we are going out as 50 Microdose considering droppers 20 milliliters.

We have various tinctures and extracts so you can prepare your microdosis immediately.

We already do the work of identifying plants and organs, habitats, veterinarians, etc.

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