martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Medical diagnosis

We have become an unconscious society; we feel bad, and we immediately get automedication: aspirin or ibuprofen pills for headache, alka seltzer or Pepto for stomach pains, ting for athlete's foot, etc, etc, etc.

I think this has two causes: the impoverishment of a country (there are 40 million poor and 5 million people in extreme poverty in Mexico, and that according to official figures ehh, understood by poor who can not meet their basic needs such as housing, food and clothing), and lack of faith in Doctors in many cases turn out to be charlatans.

However, it will never be better automedication, the best solution in my opinion, will get a professional and dedicated doctor whose goal is not rich, but relieved.

To start treatment with Microdose, as with any other form of healing, it is essential to have a diagnosis provided by a Doctor.

Taking drugs without a diagnosis, we run the risk of poison or worse, hide the symptoms of the real suffering that we are having; in Microdose risk merely mask symptoms.

We have a catalog of applications tinctures and extracts for various conditions that hard investigated my grandfather. So if we have the medical diagnosis, we know perfectly well which Microdose provide and then yes, we're done!

If you notify us that you have a medical diagnosis, we are perfectly capable of prompting you about which Microdose take.

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