martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Mechanism of action of Microdose

After reading so much about Microdose, have not been asked, and how they work better than mainstream medicine?

The answer is very simple, is an impulse that is sent to the brain to take charge of fixing what the body is damaged, these doses are so small, most of the work is done by our own body.

I show you what was written by my grandfather in his book Microdosis 2002:

Microdose work we present for the first time in 1982 at the International Congress on Traditional Medicine in Cuernavaca Morelos, (Mexico) where it became necessary to implement workshops at headquarters to hold talks with health promoters who needed just that, a method safe, healing, easy and affordable for everyone.

One factor that was crucial for our work was to make the following hypothesis about the mechanism of action of the drops: We had several patients with tachycardia, failure and arrhythmia which was indicated scanning, Digital administer them in micro-doses (equivalent to 12,000 times less drug than the dose used in allopathy) and responded favorably within a few seconds, this will check on a physiograph: while improved signs and symptoms, the power stroke is regularized. Could only be a nervous response pathway, Dora Martinez teacher and I worked out the following hypothesis: "The mechanism of action is via hypothalamus and brain healing pathways glandular brain."

Some years later, at the Children's Hospital of Santiago de Cuba to a neurophysiologist and pharmacologist seemed correct our hypothesis. To check forty administered to healthy adults, -divided into four groups of ten-the first two drops of water, the 2nd. two drops of vehicle (alcohol with water to 33%), and two drops of injectable 3rd and 4th phenobarbital two drops of Microdose phenobarbital, traces obtained ratified the facts: the corresponding Microdose was the more remarkable at a time ten seconds, then a lesser intensity, phenobarbital injection, after the vehicle and finally water. Generally speaking it was found and detailed mechanism of action followed by drops at a certain time, that is, the hypothesis is confirmed.

A fact that has caused controversy and deviations, sometimes dangerous (by excessive doses), is to ignore the dose you recommend it for another dose, either because of the influence of Galenic medicine or homeopathy. In the first case, it was considered that they could not give us credit against galenismo and dyes used to toxic doses with the corresponding iatrogenia and the second, in homeopathy, doses were diluted to make them ineffective. Others, joining several drugs in a jar.

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