martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Drug or poison?

What if we are stung by a bee ?, usually nothing unless the person is allergic to bee substance injected by its sting; with this is considered to bee as a non-venomous animal. But what if we are stung by a bee hive, say, about 100 bees ?, usually the clinical picture of the person is complicated. This is caused by the quantity of substance injected us bees.

Paracelsus commented centuries ago: “the substance is a poison or not, is a function of the quantity supplied”.

This is what happens with modern Western medicine, medicine we paid so much money, whether in public, private hospitals or in some small office. We went to the doctor for a headache, and we end up prescribing medications as follows:

1. A substance to relieve headache

2. A substance to relieve heartburn that we will create with medicine 1

3. A substance to relieve constipation that we will generate the relief of heartburn

4. And so we continue ................. until returning to the Doctor because the substance to relieve the headache did not work in our body. Then the doctor, prescribes a different substance to relieve headache, accompanied with the corresponding recipe for heartburn and constipation.

And every body is different and does not react the same way to the same substances, but being sick, we are not in a position to get worse for the poor absorption of substances from our body.

All these substances are converted eventually poisons for our body because of the large amount of chemicals we consume and that the body can not absorb properly. It is one of the causes of poor renal and hepatic function of the countries of "first world".

They can check this link to get an idea:

What about Microdose ?, considering this same example:

1. We prescribe a Microdose to relieve headache; Suppose that did not work, and then returned to the Medical prescriber us a new substance Microdose without side effects and without spending that much money on drugs. If the case is a delicate So, even we could prescribe several Microdose for headache which could consume simultaneously, again, without any side effects.

And put a real example: a patient has several conditions that are affecting, for example, has a tooth decay, athlete's foot and also insomnia because it has a lot of stress on the job. Since the amount of drugs that will prescribe you can imagine.

In Microdose treatments for these conditions, can be supplied simultaneously, ie I can consume 20 different Microdose every day and even then I will not have side effects.

An important thing to consider is that Microdose should not be mixed (except specific cases and investigated as passiflora with diazepam); I should not prepare one Microdose of the 20 substances that need to take.

Another very important aspect is allergies; if we are allergic to any substance, we will also be allergic to these substances supplied Microdose.

Let the Medical Diagnostic ............................

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