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Alcohol for Microdose

It is not known exactly when it was discovered, but it is thought that the old man discovered it by accident when testing the resulting liquid fermentation of fruits.

Alcohol ... Commonly used this word to refer the ingredient found in drinks such as wine, beer or different liquors, but now know that there are different types and, therefore, has several uses.

Alcohol refers to a chemical compound containing carbon atoms, hydrogen and oxygen. Among the most common types are:

The methanol used in chemical processes for plastics, as well as a solvent for paint and varnish manufacture.

Ethanol or ethyl alcohol, is found in alcoholic beverages. Is produced by the fermentation of fruit, vegetables and berries. This type of alcohol has other uses, is an important chemical in the preparation of detergents, flavorings and fragrances ingredient.

The propanol is obtained from ethylene and a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide; is used for the production of substances such as resins. Furthermore, isopropanol is used to produce acetone, cosmetics, lotions and alcohol use at home to heal any wounds or disinfect anything.

Alcohol brings many social benefits because their use is not limited to being an ingredient in certain drinks. It´s an important part of medicine and industry. Did you know that it is also used as rocket fuel? Its importance is so great that without the alcohol, the man could never reach the moon and explore space.

Alcohol to be prepared with the Microdose is ethyl alcohol; the label must indicate that it is 96 degrees alcohol and that is no denatured; usually have a red label.

Is very important to use the correct alcohol as other alcohol (denatured or otherwise) can cause blindness in the patient.

By law, the sale of ethyl alcohol is prohibited in Mexico, can only be acquired for production processes (which is the case for the preparation of Microdose) and not sold to the general public premises (liquor stores, pharmacies, commercial markets, etc .). Nor can get bulk due to current regulations.

When we talk about alcohol we generally refer to ethanol or ethyl alcohol, as the fundamental constituent of alcoholic beverages. These are of two types:

Fermented beverage obtained by fermenting wort abundant sugars. We speak of cider, champagne, wine and beer. Alcohol content can range between 5 and 15 degrees.

Distilled beverage: are obtained by an artificial process, distilling a fermented beverage and increasing concentration of pure alcohol. This is the case of gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, anise, cognac, brandy, liqueurs and certain fruity snacks. Its alcohol content is usually between 17 and 45 degrees

There are no differences in alcohol present in various drinks, the only difference is in the degree of concentration of alcohol.

The degree of alcohol or alcohol content of a drink is indicated on the label and represents the concentration or percentage (%) of ethanol containing.

When we say that a wine has 12 degrees of alcohol, we mean that there in 1 liter of that wine 120 ml of pure alcohol or 12% alcohol.

"Degrees" means the alcohol content of distilled beverages and is the percentage of alcohol multiplied by two. For example:

50% = 100 degrees Alcohol 
100% = 200 degrees Alcohol 

It is not easy to verify the type of alcohol that we are using, you need to develop some chemical reagents tests to verify the type of alcohol.

So please, use extreme caution to obtain alcohol to prepare Microdose, tinctures, extracts and bases well worth it. The label should indicate it is ethyl alcohol and should verify the name and address of the manufacturer to ensure that we are selling the right alcohol.

As you know, you can also prepare Microdose with aguardiente puro de caña, so in case you are not sure which alcohol are getting, you can use the option of calculating the correct proportion.

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Veterinary Microdoses

Many of us have a pet at home and many of us have farm animals, whether for commercial use or consumption . No statistics exist if Mexico regarding this, but the proportion of pet per capita should be quite high, from the friendly dogs, tapped cats, nervous or frightened birds, fish until there who was quite eccentric and encouraged by a spider or a snake. In the case of farm animals, ranging from small to large zebu rabbits.

There have been several studies of the applications in Veterinary Microdose; at least those that have been published, all successfully. And it is very important to understand and remember that Microdose not cause secondary effects unless allergic to the substance containing the Microdose, making it easy to experiment with them. The "bad" is that my grandfather was devoted to investigate human Microdose leaving pets in the background.

For pets (animals and household own company) them we can say that our experiences have been very positive. The experiences we've had at home have been the treatment for stomach and intestinal infection accompanied by diarrhea, skin surface wounds, arthritis, etc. All results have been positive.

For example, in the case of skin wounds, simply apply on the wound clean local blood dye dragon (Jatropa dioca); scarring occurs on a day to prevent infection in the affected part.

In the case of intestinal and stomach infection, apply the "shotgun" (mugwort, epazote and two chemical antibiotics) giving immediate result; diarrhea stopped and the dog stopped being sad and eat within 4 hours.

For gastritis, prepared based on a patent medicine (veterinary) for relief gastritis and visualized in the same day.

For aggressive dogs, plus the discipline that every home should have with your pet, passionflower (Passiflora spp.), valerian, tourmaline and good effects in dog behavior was used.

Accompanied with this, we have the stories of several coworkers in Microdose that have their own veterinary practice and we have indicated that Microdose results have been very effective.

As in humans, the Microdose can not delete surgery when their performance is essential, but if you can avoid those that are not yet required a timely treatment.

From my perspective, I think the Microdose in animals have faster results than in humans, the results have been presented practically the same day the treatment and most surprising starts, is that it occurs without any suggestion that sometimes presents in humans.

We turn now to the case of farm animals; something that is very common for breeders is performed induce estrus in swine, Microdose ovarian-matrix and a drug patent is used. The procedure allows induce estrus presentation without causing undesirable side effects.

The same case with bateriales, viral or parasitic infections can use the "shotgun" and in very heavy infections, add garlic, aloe, epazote skunk, chili, chili powder and thyme.

As in medical schools (for humans) reputable, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UNAM use Microdose Chair in Veterinary within the optional subjects of the curriculum is taught.

Any experience you have had in using Microdose Veterinary, please ask us share their experiences to enrich the information in this forum.

Microdose expiration

Many people have asked us how we must give maintenance tinctures, extracts, bases and Microdose; let's clarify some doubts:

It is not necessary:

1. refrigerate

2. freeze

3. Boil

It is not true that decompose by the passage of time, at least 10 or 20 years depending on climatic conditions; my grandfather mentioned that microdose never expired. It really is difficult for some tincture, extract, base or Microdose last us more than 10 years, usually consume before. Alcohol is the agent that allows the decomposition may not start.

However, it is important to emphasize that it is very important to keep them in a cool, dry and away from sunlight, preferably in a dark place.

It is generally thought that small residues mainly in tinctures, extracts, bases and Microdose are indication that this spoiling which is not true; this is because "settles" and solid residues tend to go down; is only necessary to shake the dropper every time I go to use, whether to prepare a Microdose or for supply to a patient.

Be careful with the bases, mainly patent medicines, since if the drug is outdated based not serve us and could have negative effects on the patient. Some indications that the base no longer serves a taffy appearance, color change, or any change in the texture of the base.

As we have mentioned before, if it is very important to label the date of preparation of tinctures, extracts and bases to maintain adequate control of their age.

Therefore, it is not necessary to indicate any expiry date on Microdose.

Microdose suggestion

Here are some things to consider when preparing to use Microdose:

Pregnant women should not use Microdose

Children from 3 weeks old can consume Microdose

If you are allergic to any substance, will also be allergic to that substance in Microdose.
The first time you take some Microdose, wait one minute between each in order to be able to display an allergic reaction to the substance.

You should prepare a Microdose of each substance; no mixing substances in the same dropper.

Do not use drugs two or more substances to prepare Microdose (eg, strictly forbidden to use Cafiaspirina)

The plants used to prepare Microdose must be fully identified with their scientific names and photos, fresh, not chemicals, wash with soap not only rinse land with water without chlorine. Must use all parts of the plant: fruit, flower, seeds, leaves, stems and roots.

Animal organs must be of a young animal, healthy, no chemical treatments in the body, you have had adequate food, should be taken from freshly slaughtered animal and should be recognized by a veterinarian.

Alcohol to be used, must be alcohol at 96 degrees undenatured.

The water to be used should not contain chlorine.

Droppers should be labeled indicating at least: substance and date of preparation.

Microdose drops should not be cut or taken with water, juice, tea, etc.

The drops should be applied directly on the tongue.

Like any treatment should take appropriate measures to control the origin of the disease measures; will not serve the Microdose to reduce triglyceride levels if the person does not change their eating habits.

Tinctures, extracts and bases should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place.

Biography Eugenio Martínez Bravo

He was born on Sunday November 19, 1922 in Orizaba, Veracruz (Mexico).

He grew his first twelve years in Cd. de Toluca, State of Mexico where he began his studies. Later he moved to San Luis Potosi where he worked in the bookstore, owned by his father, where he could feed that passion for reading.

He made his professional studies in medicine at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.

Even before finishing the race had the opportunity to work in various hospitals as assistant; even though the pay was escaza, could expand its medical experience very young. From the first year of practice, and performed surgeries.

He participated in the design of hospital November 20, located in the Federal District.

He did his social service in Tepecintla, Veracruz, Veracruz Huasteca in full, native place is just over 8 miles of Cerro Azúl. The home visits were on foot, mule or donkey given the poor roads and accesses. Since then it was in his wanderings to help people at any price.

After obtaining his degree of Medical Doctor by UNAM, decided to work on Green River in San Luis Potosi, where he set up a small clinic since medical services were located to the state capital, and many patients were dying on the way. At the clinic, everyone had to do everything, there was no room for high medical fees, specialized equipment, etc. The health authorities to conduct an inspection in the clinic and see the great effort being made by the clinic staff decided to open the first health center in the village, which helped a lot of people.

Later he was in charge of medical services in a mill located in Motzorongo, near Cordoba in the state of Veracruz. Therefore there is custom queries to provide medicines and prepare to use very economically, ointments, syrups, etc., since commercial drugs were very expensive. There he also began working with homeopathy, who had taught him his grandfather who was Homeopathic and Allopathic Medical; that's where he learned of small doses that can be prepared medicines. In trying to defend the rights of employees, seeking better working conditions, was fired by the administrator of wit, indicating that their work was limited to consultations but would no longer be necessary in the mill.

Leaving the wit, he moved to Empalme, Sonora, where he worked for the IMSS implementing a project in Sonora to care for patients in rural areas in the state. Again affected the interests of laborers and peasants patterns because they had to pay for the care of their employees.

After this, he moved to Chihuahua, and as an employee of the IMSS, where he established the system to the risk of work, assigning a higher percentage of companies where workers had higher risk of accidents risk; in the City of Mexico was much applauded and finally implemented in the social security legislation of the country.

He later worked in Durango, again in San Luis Potosi and Orizaba, Veracruz, his homeland, where he worked hard to defend the rights of peasants seeking to integrate into the network of social security services, uncovering dirty business of various officials in the purchase of medicines, in the duplication of medical fees. Finding so much corruption in the system, with both anger and worry liver became ill and had to be moved to Mexico City where he recovered.

He married Noemi Uriegas, whom he met as a fellow student at the University. She was going to chemical science.

They had six children, Eugenio, Ernesto, Fernando, Noemi, Pablo and Brenda finally. They were born from Chihuahua to the DF with his pilgrimage throughout the Republic.

Then he was arrested and tortured as a political prisoner in the seventies. He was in charge of medical care for the wounded, and was linked to the existing guerrilla.

He went to work at the University of Zacatecas where he began his research in Microdose; tene could contact doctors Cuba, where it was the beginning of the great revolution in Microdose to prove that worked to treat any condition and the results of improvement in patients was very fast.

In 1983 clinically studied hundreds of patients the therapeutic efficacy zacatecanas plants, dye plants and several patent medicines and basic box plants, tinctures and Microdose is proposed. Started also studying some Microdose allopathic drugs to decrease its side effects, as in the case of epilepsy.

He offered numerous consulting and conferences in Cuba showing the curative effect of Microdose and explaining the way of preparation and research that had already been made in this regard. Asthma patients with improvement in some cases seeing fifteen minutes drastically reducing the clinical disease caused by treated.

The Microdose Passiflora providing two drops to children who were undergoing treatment for dental surgery, resulting in a general anesthetic without any side effect on them was tested.

In Mexico it did not have backing at official level to be studied more widely, although its use in those attached to popular health movements civic groups it spread. In the Cuban medical system was well received due to the restriction on the importation of drugs, since it does render the raw material more efficiently.

From here, the Microdose found running in various countries such as Cuba, Argentina, Spain, Madagascar, Dominicana Republic, United States, etc.

Mechanism of action of Microdose

After reading so much about Microdose, have not been asked, and how they work better than mainstream medicine?

The answer is very simple, is an impulse that is sent to the brain to take charge of fixing what the body is damaged, these doses are so small, most of the work is done by our own body.

I show you what was written by my grandfather in his book Microdosis 2002:

Microdose work we present for the first time in 1982 at the International Congress on Traditional Medicine in Cuernavaca Morelos, (Mexico) where it became necessary to implement workshops at headquarters to hold talks with health promoters who needed just that, a method safe, healing, easy and affordable for everyone.

One factor that was crucial for our work was to make the following hypothesis about the mechanism of action of the drops: We had several patients with tachycardia, failure and arrhythmia which was indicated scanning, Digital administer them in micro-doses (equivalent to 12,000 times less drug than the dose used in allopathy) and responded favorably within a few seconds, this will check on a physiograph: while improved signs and symptoms, the power stroke is regularized. Could only be a nervous response pathway, Dora Martinez teacher and I worked out the following hypothesis: "The mechanism of action is via hypothalamus and brain healing pathways glandular brain."

Some years later, at the Children's Hospital of Santiago de Cuba to a neurophysiologist and pharmacologist seemed correct our hypothesis. To check forty administered to healthy adults, -divided into four groups of ten-the first two drops of water, the 2nd. two drops of vehicle (alcohol with water to 33%), and two drops of injectable 3rd and 4th phenobarbital two drops of Microdose phenobarbital, traces obtained ratified the facts: the corresponding Microdose was the more remarkable at a time ten seconds, then a lesser intensity, phenobarbital injection, after the vehicle and finally water. Generally speaking it was found and detailed mechanism of action followed by drops at a certain time, that is, the hypothesis is confirmed.

A fact that has caused controversy and deviations, sometimes dangerous (by excessive doses), is to ignore the dose you recommend it for another dose, either because of the influence of Galenic medicine or homeopathy. In the first case, it was considered that they could not give us credit against galenismo and dyes used to toxic doses with the corresponding iatrogenia and the second, in homeopathy, doses were diluted to make them ineffective. Others, joining several drugs in a jar.

Medical diagnosis

We have become an unconscious society; we feel bad, and we immediately get automedication: aspirin or ibuprofen pills for headache, alka seltzer or Pepto for stomach pains, ting for athlete's foot, etc, etc, etc.

I think this has two causes: the impoverishment of a country (there are 40 million poor and 5 million people in extreme poverty in Mexico, and that according to official figures ehh, understood by poor who can not meet their basic needs such as housing, food and clothing), and lack of faith in Doctors in many cases turn out to be charlatans.

However, it will never be better automedication, the best solution in my opinion, will get a professional and dedicated doctor whose goal is not rich, but relieved.

To start treatment with Microdose, as with any other form of healing, it is essential to have a diagnosis provided by a Doctor.

Taking drugs without a diagnosis, we run the risk of poison or worse, hide the symptoms of the real suffering that we are having; in Microdose risk merely mask symptoms.

We have a catalog of applications tinctures and extracts for various conditions that hard investigated my grandfather. So if we have the medical diagnosis, we know perfectly well which Microdose provide and then yes, we're done!

If you notify us that you have a medical diagnosis, we are perfectly capable of prompting you about which Microdose take.

Drug or poison?

What if we are stung by a bee ?, usually nothing unless the person is allergic to bee substance injected by its sting; with this is considered to bee as a non-venomous animal. But what if we are stung by a bee hive, say, about 100 bees ?, usually the clinical picture of the person is complicated. This is caused by the quantity of substance injected us bees.

Paracelsus commented centuries ago: “the substance is a poison or not, is a function of the quantity supplied”.

This is what happens with modern Western medicine, medicine we paid so much money, whether in public, private hospitals or in some small office. We went to the doctor for a headache, and we end up prescribing medications as follows:

1. A substance to relieve headache

2. A substance to relieve heartburn that we will create with medicine 1

3. A substance to relieve constipation that we will generate the relief of heartburn

4. And so we continue ................. until returning to the Doctor because the substance to relieve the headache did not work in our body. Then the doctor, prescribes a different substance to relieve headache, accompanied with the corresponding recipe for heartburn and constipation.

And every body is different and does not react the same way to the same substances, but being sick, we are not in a position to get worse for the poor absorption of substances from our body.

All these substances are converted eventually poisons for our body because of the large amount of chemicals we consume and that the body can not absorb properly. It is one of the causes of poor renal and hepatic function of the countries of "first world".

They can check this link to get an idea:

What about Microdose ?, considering this same example:

1. We prescribe a Microdose to relieve headache; Suppose that did not work, and then returned to the Medical prescriber us a new substance Microdose without side effects and without spending that much money on drugs. If the case is a delicate So, even we could prescribe several Microdose for headache which could consume simultaneously, again, without any side effects.

And put a real example: a patient has several conditions that are affecting, for example, has a tooth decay, athlete's foot and also insomnia because it has a lot of stress on the job. Since the amount of drugs that will prescribe you can imagine.

In Microdose treatments for these conditions, can be supplied simultaneously, ie I can consume 20 different Microdose every day and even then I will not have side effects.

An important thing to consider is that Microdose should not be mixed (except specific cases and investigated as passiflora with diazepam); I should not prepare one Microdose of the 20 substances that need to take.

Another very important aspect is allergies; if we are allergic to any substance, we will also be allergic to these substances supplied Microdose.

Let the Medical Diagnostic ............................

Microdose cost

As we mentioned, to prepare Microdose, we need a concentrate (tincture, extract or base) and hydroalcoholic vehicle.

The most expensive gasoline will or transportation, depending on where you need to go to get everything; then will get the plant and animal organs.

If we have no knowledge of plants, it is best to study a little before going to look for; this will allow us not to give us for a ride and also to know the best season for collection and which is the best place for cultivation which is where will develop better and therefore older properties will. If you live in the city, you have to move you into the republic, remember that they are best fresh plants with all its components (root, fruit, flower, leaves, stems); not recommend buying them dry because they lose properties (different essences evaporate) and because it is harder to identify.

In the case of bodies, is a bit more complicated because you have to have a trusted veterinarian to ensure that the animal is young and healthy, and to further identify the organs that need. It is highly recommended to find an "organic" animal, ie, it has been adequately powered (no hormones, crop residues, or transgenic) and that his body has eliminated any medical treatment (infections, vaccines, etc.).

As for alcohol, it's pretty cheap, and the water must be chlorine, should preferably be purified (bottled from a recognized brand). For cheap understood that with a liter of vehicle we are going out as 50 Microdose considering droppers 20 milliliters.

We have various tinctures and extracts so you can prepare your microdosis immediately.

We already do the work of identifying plants and organs, habitats, veterinarians, etc.

We continue writing ..............

Microdose introduction

Hello, good morning

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are the Martinez family, direct descendants of Dr. Eugenio Martínez Bravo, creator of Microdose.

The purpose of this blog is to inform about health and economic benefits generated by the use of Microdose instead of patent medicines, teas or any drug used commonly.

The ideals of my grandfather (Dr. Eugenio Martínez Bravo) were very caring; sought to widely disseminate the findings he made for the welfare of all people.

We have tinctures, extracts and Microdose already prepared, we provide training courses Microdose, we have an online course, etc. You will not find lower as we seek to encourage the use of Microdose prices.

The material in this blogg is free dissemination, please indicate the source; We ask you not profiting from it; as mentioned, we are trying to inform people about the best alternative to relieve various ailments.

Unfortunately, in Mexico barely begin to create encyclopedias about the medicinal properties of plants, both native and imported and adapted successfully in the country. This type of encyclopedias exist, we would have greater scope to meet all the medicinal properties of plants.

As an introduction in very general terms, we can say that the Microdose is a way to relieve suffering, both humans and animals through a minimal amount of concentrate (tincture (from plant) extract (from animal organs) or bases (from chemicals, including patent medicines)) mixed in a hydroalcoholic vehicle. Briefly, to prepare Microdose just need alcohol (which indicate below), water and plants, animal organs or chemicals.

For example, suppose a dose for an adult to relieve a condition is two pills daily; therefore, need 60 pills for treatment of a month. In Microdose, these two pills allow us to provide treatment about six or nine years, with one day dose, we prepare medicine for several years ............. with economic benefits involved, side effects are avoided, can be supplied simultaneously to the current treatment, but above all, relief is usually faster.

In short, we are trying to write daily here to start receiving any concerns or suggestions through this medium.